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StoneRidge Ice Centre (formerly Wave Twin Rinks)
Mailing Address
1179 Northside Road
Burlington, ON L7M 1H5
Fax: 905-336-9311

Wave Sports Centre
Mailing Address
5065 Benson Drive
Burlington, ON L7L 5N7

Manager, Administration & Camps
905-336-3434 ext. 10
Shannon Sullivan

Ice Rentals and Ice Permits
905-336-3434 ext. 13
Kim Macdonald

Director, Youth Programming
905-336-3434 ext. 13
Kim Macdonald

Director, Leagues & Tournaments
905-336-3434 ext. 24
Dale Conacher

Director, Youth Leagues
905-336-3434 ext. 46
Jay Bondy

Creative Director
905-336-3434 ext. 42
Aaron Walsh

Maintenance Manager
905-336-3434 ext. 14
Josh Robillard

Director, High Performance Power Skating & Private Lessons
905-336-3434 ext. 21
Jarret Reid

Manager of Hockey Operations, Kenesky Goaltending School
Adrian Volpe

Manager of Hockey Operations, Coast to Coast Hockey Academy
Adrian Volpe

Director, Off Ice Training
(Twist Sport Conditioning)
905-335-9599 ext. 22
Scott Atkins

Director, Jr Cougars Hockey Prep Team
905-336-3434 ext. 35
C.J. Morrison

Director, The Skating Lab - Burlington (Skating Treadmill)
905-336-3434 ext. 11
Rodney Winchester

Director, Restaurant Operations
(Pub 21)
905-336-3434 ext. 26
Chad Wiseman