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Wave Hockey Programs and Clinics

Wave Hockey offers programming for Men and Women, Boys and Girls of all ages and skill levels. Remember that you can join a program part-way through and we'll prorate the price for you.
Take a look at the following programs (listed ALPHABETICALLY, per Season):


Learn the fundamentals of the sport and improve your skills in shooting, passing and puck control with our professional instructor. These fun, sessions are perfect for players in the basic/ beginner to intermediate stages. A no pressure setting - take a break if you need it! Every week will end with a game of shinny. Full equipment is required, and please remember to bring a water bottle. Get ready for a great time with loved ones, friends, or colleagues! Choose from Friday mornings at 10am or Saturday afternoons at 12pm with primary coach Scott Mifsud (Allan Cup Champion, Former AHL, International and University player, attended Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins camps). Classes run in three Sessions: September through November, November through January, and February through April.
Adult Learn to Play Hockey Website

Our 10th season of non-contact, Select Hockey for Novice through Midget ages. Runs mid-October through mid-April. Wave Hockey Griffins is a Select program designed to allow the more skilled house league players an opportunity to play a more competitive brand of hockey, while remaining in house league. This program provides these players with an excellent opportunity to further develop as a player and enjoy the prospect of playing against a higher-level opposition. Try-outs begin soon (October)! Player try-out fee is $35.
15 hours of on-ice practices and team training. 12 game guarantee to be played in any combination of tournament(s) and exhibition game(s). 3 tournament options throughout the season. Our goal is to challenge these players to develop and perform up to their fullest potential, while maintaining a fun and structured environment.
Griffins Hockey Website

High Performance is a highly technical power skating program that emphasizes first-step quickness, reaction skills, lateral movement, stickhandling and puck control, explosiveness, power and acceleration. Head Instructor Jarret Reid (Memorial Cup Champion) will be running programs for Rep and House League players aged 8 and older. All of our supporting instructors are Wave-certified and have a wealth of hockey and training experience. Become a better player with these 9-10 week sessions, combining the perfect balance of fun and hard work. Sessions run from September through the end of March. High Performance - tested, trusted, and true results!
High Performance Power Skating Website

For ages 3-10. Professionally-Certified Coaches teach children skating skills using toys, music and games in 30-minute classes. 9 to 11-week Sessions running from September through late April. Choose Saturday mornings, Sunday mornings, Monday afternoons, or Wednesday evenings. Preschool children will be taught basic skills such as standing, balance, gliding, forwards and backwards and other required skills to progress through the Wave PreSchool Program. Report cards will be given out at the end of each Session. Neck guards and certified helmet and full face cage are mandatory.
PRE-POWER SKATING: For ages 5-9. Please note: To participate in our Pre-Power Skating program, skaters must have passed Level 3 of our Learn to Skate program or an equivalent. This program is for boys & girls ready to step-up their basic skating skills while using a hockey stick in fun 30 minute classes. Focus will be on forwards, backwards, stops and starts, crossovers and turns. Neck guard, certified helmet with full face cage, stick and gloves are required. Skater must be able to glide forwards and backwards. Coaches reserve the right to move skaters back to the Learn to Skate program. No hockey equipment to be worn, shin and elbow pads are allowed.
Wave Learn to Skate Website

50-minute sessions focused on balance, edges / tight turns, stopping, puck control / passing / shooting, forwards and backwards skating. Players are split into stations for drills. These classes end in fun mini-games (groups based on skill) where players get to try out their new skills. The final few classes are a full-ice game to prepare players for full games at the next level. 15-week Sessions run September through the end of April. Choose from Sessions held on Saturdays (11am - 12pm) or Sundays (10:30 - 11:30am). All games are held on our NHL-sized surfaces, and players shoot on open nets (no goalies!). An extremely fun and relaxed atmosphere for everyone, with Head Instructor Tyler Flemming. Includes a cool Little Cougars Backyard Hockey jersey. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Learn to Skate program. It is highly recommended that your child has had skating lessons.
Little Cougars Backyard Hockey Website

The ONE skills training you must master to compete at the elite level for TODAY'S GAME: SMALL AREA TRAINING! Power Edge Pro is the leader in small area skills training. PEP trains Rep players (ages 9-13) to play in small, confined, high traffic areas promotes the ability to maneuver in congested areas during games, especially when statistics tell us that two thirds of any game is played with all players concentrated in one zone. This kind of resistance training will help players master puck and agility skills to quickly create space and time needed to make plays. The Power Edge Pro training system trains skaters to perform a combination of skills and agility maneuvers simultaneously in and around the apparatus to simulate small area game situations. Repetition of PEP's unique patterns helps players become instinctive in their play, and makes it easier for players to apply and execute skills in game situations. This program focuses on stick handling and puck movement in confined areas, game situation and intensity in training, upper body co-ordination, constant quick feet action, read and react skills, edge control, creativity, change of direction, and speed training. Training and products used by NHL, AHL, OHL and NCAA players! The Head Instructor for these 9 week Sessions is Jarret Reid (Memorial Cup Champion).
Wave Power Edge Pro Website

For ages 5-8. Professionally-Certified Coaches teach children power skating skills and techniques. FULL HOCKEY EQUIPMENT AND STICK ARE REQUIRED. Child must be able to skate. 10 week Sessions run September through the end of April. Choose from Beginner classes running Fridays at 5 - 6pm (for ages 5-8), or Advanced classes Fridays 6 - 7pm (for ages 5-7). Learning the proper technique helps develop a strong, fast skater. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Learn to Skate program. It is highly recommended that your child has had skating lessons.
Wave Power Skating Website